May 6, 2021

My Journey from Real World into Digital Design

Since this is my first entry of my new rebranded blog, it's only fitting that I write I about my transition from Architectural industry into Web Design and Development.

For a little bit of context to those who know nothing about me, I'm a designer and co-director at since 2017. At Laman7, I  design and develop websites (occasionally web and mobile applications) for corporates, companies and startups.

Previously, I worked as an architectural assistant in one of the top architectural firms called Veritas. There, I worked on prestigious projects such as 5-star hotels and luxury apartments. I then quit the job to pursue my masters.

In 2017, after quitting my Masters in Architecture at a local university (due to reasons I'd rather not disclose here), I decided to help my partner with his business at Laman7 instead.

We grew from 2 people in a room of my mum's house to our own office with several senior staffs working with us.

"If you can design one thing, you can design anything" - Massimo Vigenelli.

If you're a designer, you have probably heard of Massimo Vignelli. He was a graphic designer, industrial designer and architect. ...You can probably guess where this is going.

I went from designing buildings into designing digital user experience. For me, not much has changed in terms of methodology. Sure, the medium is changing, the software is different, the type of client, values that I create have changed.

However, the fundamentals of design remain unchanged.

In both fields, I find myself asking the following questions before I start any work:

  1. What am I building?
  2. Why am I building this? What kind of impact am I looking to create?
  3. Who is this for?

Like an architect, it is essential to be able to answer all the three questions above before starting to draw the grids on our canvas. The difference is perhaps, the application of the experience. Instead of influencing the movement and behaviour of users through floor plan planning, space, and lighting. I now get to influence people behaviour in the digital space to navigate, interact and take actions.

What started as a simple intention to help my partner in his business grew into something that has grown me, made me learn things more than I thought I could. I went into a journey of mind-nurturing, leadership-building and thinking in systems.

All those knowledge has now become a burden on me and I feel I have to share these.

Being somebody who used to blog ages ago, it's only natural that I choose my blog as my medium. For now, my old blog can still be accessed at I have no intention to update that website, and the site will just be a time machine museum of my personal writings.

I will write more about my design process, leadership, mindset and the psyche of handling customers. For now, this is just an introduction. The blog is not really ready (haha!) and I'm just building it a bit at a time during my free time.

Do let me know if there's any specific topic you'd like me to write about in the comments below.

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