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Dec 19 2010

Next project on the list.

Note: please ignore whatever mistakes you see in my sketches. I really havent been sketching for ages and on top of that I never learned fashion illustration, so…


This is my second sketch, (which is why it’s better than the first one below). Both of the pieces above will be my next project. Maybe I’ll do the pleated maxi skirt with pockets first. I’m planning to find a nice cotton, perhaps in candy colour. Pink, blue, I’m not sure yet. Let’s see what I can find. Then I’m also going to sew a shirt like illustrated above. Somehing with a slightly exaggerated armhole.

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Aug 22 2010

Malacca, in super quick sketches.

Last Wednesday I had to do a lot of sketches. So much, in such a short time that I had to sketch ’em back to back. and I haven’t sketched in such a long time, which explains how bad they are, I’m not kidding. Embarrassment aside, I’m putting ’em up so that in the future, I can show you guys how much I’ve (hopefully) improved. Some of these sketches took longer than the other. Though, honestly, I got tired of sketching after only 5 hours, I swear I almost puked!

I used pencil at first, and took me forever. So I used ink instead, and it saved me a lot of time. So… um.. enjoy..?





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Mar 13 2010

How to be a good boyfriend


Written by Eddie on 11th of March 2010 on my sketchbook 🙂

Dec 01 2009

er.. sketch #001?

I don’t know if I can write anymore. Everytime I write some proper entries, I feel like it’s shit and just leave it like that as drafts. So I thought since I couldn’t write anything, maybe I should post some sketches instead. Plus, it helps to keep me in practice.

It’s been so long since I last sketched, I can barely remember how to hold a pencil.


left: ink  right: 4B & 6B pencils.

These two sketches or shit, you can call it whatever you like, is drawn based on photos.

I’ve been meaning to draw a crane. And crane I shall draw.  I don’t know why.

A crane…

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