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Mar 11 2014

my most embarrassing experience. like, ever.

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Speaking of road tax, and well, vehicle. It reminds me of an embarrassing story that happened almost 12 years ago. It is so embarrassing, I had never told anyone about it, (until now!). So, be thankful that you are lucky enough to hear this, you’re welcome.

Anyway, I was in standard six, and I was at at school for a night class. That particular night, after the night class, I was waiting for my dad to pick me up. At 10pm, it was dark, cars were everywhere but all I could see was lights coming out of parent’s cars picking up their kids. As soon as I spotted my dad’s car, bingo!

I ran towards my dad’s car, pretty excited because my dad was earlier than usual. I dived into the car and said, “wow dad, you’re surprisingly early today!”

However, all I get was an awkward silence. I looked around and to my surprise, I didn’t know these people. and then it hit me, OH MY GOD, I GOT INTO A WRONG CAR! That’s not my dad! and that’s not my brother! Without saying a word, I sprung out of the car.  HAHAHAHA. Can you imagine, getting in the wrong car??

and guess what’s the worst part, the “brother” that was in the car, was a schoolmate (though I  had never talked to him) and they were also  my neighbour! Needless to say,  since  then, things were awkward  between me and him (and his dad) for the rest of my life. hahaha, there, story of my life. :p :p :p

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Feb 17 2014

Extreme Challenge? ME LIKEY!

When it comes to extreme challenge, I’ll be the first to jump in! Why? Because I’m an adrenaline junkie, that is.  Unfortunately, I don’t always get the opportunity, that’s why I REALLY want to win free Skytrex tickets by SalamMedia.

I LOVE challenging myself, especially when it comes to height factor. It can be quite scary, but hey, that’s the challenge; to face your fears! Skytrex is forest challenge high above the grounds, and that’s SO my kind of challenge!

Other than that, I’m also a roller-coaster junkie and I LOVE white water river rafting. So yeah, I REALLY REALLY, REALLY want to win the Skytrex tickets! I maybe a mommy now, but that won’t stop me getting my adrenaline rush!

The best part is, SalamMedia is giving away 50 free tickets (1 person wins 2pax -that means 25 winners). So, there’s high chance of winning there! Try your luck, guys!

Nov 09 2011

Happiest Moment in My Life :)

I was so nervous as I walked down the stairs to the living room where all the families & guests were. My dad, tok kadi and my then fiancé were in the middle of the room. I sat down at the corner with my beautiful closest friends and watched my then fiancé closely, almost unbelieving. 10th September 2011, marked the day I became a wife, barely a month after my 21st birthday.

20 years old and I already made the biggest decision in my life; to get married. Everybody kept telling me that I’m too young. I had no idea what to expect and how it was going to change my life. For sure, I knew it will change my life a way or another.

After we got engaged, my life went upside down. Our relationship changed, and it was the hardest time of my life. We stumble, we fell, and we fought, hard, most of the time. And I was having inner conflicts with my decision whether or not to go on with the decision. My biggest conflicts were; How? Who? & What?
1. How is this decision gonna change my life;
2. Is he the right person, and;
3. Will I be happy?

He was lost, too. I knew because he became different, and that worsened my doubts but I guess so was I. Throughout the end, we finally burst and  at the edge of breaking up. At that time I thought we were over.

But, I had faith in us, and we’d find ourselves back. And we did. Just two weeks before the wedding, I got him back. I could tell that he knew he got me back.

As he accepted the solemnization, I felt this deep feeling like a kind of happiness I had never felt before. I looked at him like I had never looked at him before. Then, I realized that I found peace within myself. All the doubts and conflicts I had before just went away.

Now, we are savouring each other’s presence. Going to bed and waking up to each other everyday is a bliss. There, my happiest moment in my life was the very moment I became his wife. Surely, this beautiful moment will be cherished forever, thanks to technology.

Jan 16 2011

Masak Apa? : Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

iPad is a great piece of machinery from Apple. It’s been widely used in many sectors for entertainment, business, household and many more.  Based on my readings, iPad apps are commonly used for business people to increase their productivity while on the go. For Artists, Photographers and designers to lug around their portfolios. and, for busy mothers or single parent to cook for the family.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Productivity. Portfolio and COOKING. It’s no surprise since food is our major necessity. Everything is about food these days. and yeah, money too. haha

Problem Statement

So, is any of the situations listed below sounds familiar?

  1. Everyone’s asking what to cook – Have you ever been asked by your mom, “nak Masak Apa?” or your dad asking, “Masak Apa tu?” or yourself asking, “Masak Apa malam ni?” The key question here is, what to cook?
  2. Limited ingredients. (oh no!) – Bachelors and newly weds most probably don’t have ready live stock and all the herbs like a normal household since they’re too busy.. uh.. you know.
  3. Super hectic lifestyle - Sometimes, you just want to prepare a snack or a quick meal because you have tonnes of work to do and you don’t really have time to think about what you eat. You just want to slap the kitchen and get a quick meal out of it that probably doesn’t involve mayonnaise and beef pepperoni.
  4. Losing the pounds – The most important thing for dieting is counting calories. Per meal should be around 200-300 calories, beyond these figure, it’ll be tough to lose weight. Similar for athletes and performers, they need to be in shape.
  5. Tight Budget - For those who wishes to spend less or planning to save money.
  6. For Specific occasion - Like cooking a romantic dinner, Hari Raya rendang, Thanks Giving roasts. Surely you’d wanna impress your guests, right?
  7. Boredom – *gasps* You don’t know what to do with your iPad anymore! or maybe you just want to try out different recipe.

Please, don’t fret. Grab your coffee, sit back and keep reading.


Presenting to you the, Masak Apa? App for iPad! It addresses all of the above concerns. So now, you don’t have to worry about losing your hair thinking about what to cook. Of all the problems that you have, huh? :P


Masak Apa? app


  1. Displays pictures of ingredients (in case you don’t know how what type of fish or veggie Hahaha)
  2. Choose the type of food you want. Malay, French, Morroco, whichever your taste buds prefer.
  3. Plugins for Top Chefs’ recipe (sold seperately), a fail safe approach cooking.
  4. Displays number of calories and nutritional values for each meal to help making healthier choices.
  5. Tool to edit number of servings complete with conversion from metric to US or vice versa.
  6. Shows the estimated time to prepare for the meal.
  7. Users can contribute, rate and review recipes (using the Internet). Helps the knowledge sharing among the app users. Or knowing whether is going to taste good or bad or how to make it taste better. There’ll be tonnes of recipe as the app starts to mature. So the developer doesn’t need to worry about manually adding recipe.



Recipe search. You may type general ingredients and click on it to select from the picture display.*


Picture display. Recognize the ingredients that you have and select them here.*


Rate, review and get your nutritional info here on the recipe page* (source)


With Masak Apa? app, you have absolutely no reason to live on instant noodles or eat unhealthy takeout food. Heck, you can even have a gourmet burger at home! That being said, you can also impress your spouse instead of that lame trick of buying food at Nasi Campur and claiming you cooked it. Hopefully, this app will be beneficial to improve your lifestyle and diet. Most importantly, it saves time and energy.


Make use of your iPad in the kitchen! (source: Fast Company)

Head on over to Maxis to make your iPad useful, anywhere you go!

Maxis contest participant badge

*images for illustration purposes only

p.s, I wish Maxis can turn my Masak Apa? iPad app into a reality! :D

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