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Jul 31 2013

Projek Iqra’s Shopping Raya 2013

Last Saturday, my husband and I got the golden opportunity to become one of the volunteers for ‘Shopping Raya 2013’ for Baitul Ehsan orphaned kids. This program was organised by Projek Iqra.


The home is located in Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur. The program said to start at 8.am, but we arrived at 7.45am. Call us eager, and yes we were. After waiting for the rest of the volunteers to arrive, the program finally started at 9am. It started with the opening speech from the founder of the home, also the caretaker. He spent his own fortune to build this home, and this home rely on people’s donation money as it is not under any organisation.

He and his wife started with renting a house, (and they are still renting) and now they recently bought a new house next door and the renovation just finished, earlier than planned. It cost them almost RM600k to buy the house, and they renovated the house into a three-story house (the rest of the houses are two-story) for RM200k. All from donations money, MashaAllah! Now, they have about 63 kids and the boys had to be placed in another house Gombak due to the lack of space.

I had to hold back my tears as I listened to founder talking about the background of some of these kids. There are cases where the kids came knocking at 3am in the morning, traveled far to find shelter. Not all of them are orphans, some come from a single parent family who are unable to take care of their kids.

Some kids have been here for all their lives, they were sent here since they were as young as 10 days old. Baitul Ehsan do not actually take in babies, but sometimes when people asked, they just didn’t have the hearts to say no.

The kids here are so blessed. They are so smart and well-behaved. One kid already went to Jordan to further their studies and another kid is going to Indonesia, with help of sponsors. These kids here are being taught to recite Quran and memorize them. The aim is to give them Maahad Tahfiz education. Other than Quran and Islamic studies, they are also learning academic basics such as maths, science, English and Bahasa.  They don’t go to public schools, all of them are home schooled, and they have teachers coming in everyday to teach them.

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Jul 29 2013

New WordPress theme: Minty

I decided to be a good girl and re-designed my blog. Woot woot! I think I deserve some claps, it’s been long due. It’s quite a quicky job, I usually take a week to finish a theme.  This baby took me 4 days. I may be a snail at coding, so please don’t judge. Being fickle minded certainly did not help. And sometimes I argue with myself whether to add that 1 pixel detail no one would notice.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 7.16.09 PM

Why Minty? Simply because the main colour is mint green. I’ve been wanting this colour to wear for coming Eidulfitr, but I couldn’t find one that is pregnant-friendly, so I had to compromise with my all time favourite colour, pink. Hence, to satisfy that need to own something of mint green, this theme was born.

Speaking of pink, did you notice I did not abandon my pink color for this theme? The coral pink does go pretty well with mint green, don’t you think? If you see some glitches and minor inconsistencies, do not panic. I’m still tweaking some minor details of this theme.

I’m so excited now, I love this theme! And will probably love it more once it’s done 100%! ;D


Jul 16 2013

23 weeks pregnant and pretty big

After all the nausea, puking, backache (and getting worse), I’m finally at my 23 weeks of pregnancy! Oh, how time flies! I know, I say that a lot. But hey, it’s sooo true.

Even so, I still have 17 weeks to go. Before this, I had 30 weeks to go, and it felt like it was gonna be forever! Now, it doesn’t sound like forever, and I kinda wished I still had a few more weeks more go to than that.

I have to admit, although I do feel terrible admitting this. There are times where I wished I wasn’t pregnant, only because there are sooo many things I miss about not being pregnant.


Yeap, probably one of the big thing I miss the most. Unable to eat sashimi means that I can only look at pictures of sushi and crave. Yet nothing I can do about it, because I wouldn’t want to risk my unborn child to listeria, salmonella and whatnots.

2. Ability to drink water without getting nauseous. 

This one kinda suck. Because I am a big fan of drinking plain water. Now, I either have to drink really cold water or flavoured drink. Otherwise I’d probably throw up my dinner.

3. Stamina

Seriously, this extra weight infront of my tummy is making me use extra energy everytime I move. I wasn’t able to run up the stairs. I could, but I’d be panting like I just did a 5km marathon. Oh well, it’s probably my fitness decline because I do a lot less exercise now. I should try prenatal yoga.

4. Walking pace

I walk pretty fast for a Malaysian. If you know what I mean. Now, I walk slower than the elderly because my lower tummy and back hurts if I walk too fast. On some bad days, I have to sit and rest every 10 mins before walking/standing.

5. Choice of clothes

Well, enough said. It’s just too depressing to talk about it.

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